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I started into photography in the early 70's and have been hooked ever since! It's just something about creating the image that you saw of something that captured your amazement. I moved to digital in the 80's with a Sony point and shoot to reintroduce myself back to photography. It was a long period of waiting as I was wrapping up in the film portion of photography after taking several stints at Wedding Photography and finding out that a hobby like that and shift working didn't mix well at all. I actually longed for the enjoyment of the galas as an invitee after seeing others having so much fun while I was working my butt off trying to make sure I captured every shot that i thought the couple would want. Needless to say I pulled the plug on that venture and was just shooting for the enjoyment of being able to. I shot Canon A-1's with film, which I still have but don't use hardly ever. I decided to go with Sony, since when I ventured into digital photography, I had also amassed several Camcorders beginning with the two piece units to the HD hard drive versions of today.I liked the Minolta colors coming out of the Konica-Minolta camp.And, when Sony purchased that company, I was all in because I had settled on using Sony camcorders for my video work anyways! My passion is with video, but with digital I am having almost as much fun working with DSLR's as I do with the camcorder. I am not really brand specific, I will use whatever I decide gets me the results I like. I am however at the moment invested pretty well in Sony gear, but should I decide they are not meeting my desires will change to the company that will. I haven't shot Nikon yet, but like what I see coming from them. Recently acquired a full frame camera for the great field of view of 35mm. I am building galleries at the moment and hope that I have something in them that you can appreciate for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to have a look!
P.S. I now shoot Nikon gear also!



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